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Dj Shakka has been writing, performing and producing music for over 25 years. Initially he started producing rap music in the late 80’s influenced by the emerging east coast rap scene and acts such as Run DMC, EPMD, Eric B and Rakim. Shakka comes from a long line of musicians on both sides of his family with his father being a full time lounge singer at the time of his first productions. At 14 he designed his first home recording studio and used a technique of making pause tapes to create some of his first beats, eventually adding a 909 drum machine to his arsenal. DJ Shakka, known then as “MC Bootsie” would make frequent trips to Boston recording studios to lay down vocals and recreate the beats made in his home studio.

At 21, DJ Shakka moved Florida and began focusing more on his DJing and scratching, landing a gig at Duffer’s Sports Pub. He would later meet DJ X at Duffers and they would go on to produce the first single on Xquizit Records “What We Gonna Do?”. This song, amongst others like “Why U Bumpin” and “Big Money”, would go on to become dancefloor anthems in the funky breaks scene. DJ Shakka also created the Party Wax label with Superfly Jeff which produces mainly breaks with reggae vocals including the hit “We Come Sweet”.

Today DJ Shakka is the president and executive producer at Rakkateer, Inc, a music record label focused on creating a music in the styles of breaks, hip hop, r&b, funk, raggae and electronic dance music. Shakka teamed up with Devin Lima from the band “LFO” (They wrote the double platinum hit Summer Girls), AYJ and Jollero to form the Mack Pack. Their first single “Golden” by Devin Lima feat. DJ Shakka and Mack Pack was released on June 17th, 2014 and climbed to #4 on Amazon’s best seller list in the first 2 weeks of the release. Check out out his latest July 2016 release with fellow songwriter & producer AYJ called ROCKTHABOX in our song player.

Be on the lookout for more songs from DJ Shakka and the Rakkateer crew in 2017 including the upcoming release of “I’ve Got Time For You” by DJ Shakka featuring Alexandra Foster which will be debuted at the Naughty and Nice Ball party in Sarasota this New Years Eve.



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RockThaBox-ShakkaRemix_Mastere Big Money Why U Bumpin? What We Gonna Do? We Come Sweet Take Me Away (Shaka's Chop Shop Remix) Oceans 2 Broadway Coming From The Top Hate My Bassline 50 ways to leave your lover (Shakka's Original Mix)